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At Columbia Transport Inc., we specialize in providing safe, affordable, and on-time transport to our clients.  We've been transporting great people for over 10 years and have that much experience with the New York public taxi system.


Don't waste time waiting around for those other guys. We'll pick you up and get you on your way fast.

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Never miss a beat with fast and reliable transportation service from Columbia Transport Inc.

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If you're unable to drive yourself to your medical appointments, let us pick you up. We're certified by New York State Health and Medicaid.


In a wheelchair or in need of assistance? No problem! Our MediCab is designed to help you get to your appointments safely and on time.


We promise to get you to your appointment on time and that we'll be there to pick you up when you're ready to go home.

MediCab services when you can drive

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No matter where your day takes you, we're glad to get you there on time and at a great price.


Got a long-distance trip? Just give us a call ahead of time.